MEP Marian Harkin visits the school


The children were delighted to receive a visit today from Marian Harkin a member of the European Parliament. Marian had just flown back from Strasbourg and drove down from Dublin to the school. A Sligo native, Marian has a busy job representing Ireland as one of our 11 MEPs.

In the school today Marian spoke to 2nd-6th class about her work and explained how the European Parliament, European Commission and European Council of Leaders work together to make and agree on laws for all 28 European Union member countries.

The children outlined to Marian their views on important issues such as homelessness, the environment and their vision for our country.

Marian also visited Junior Infants to 1st class. They told her about their dreams for the future and all of the places that they would like to visit.

Maybe one day one of these children will be visiting schools telling pupils about their work as an MEP!

Thank you for your visit and for giving so generously of your time Marian.