General Aims

General Aims

Taking into account the widely varying psychological, intellectual and social background of each child attending Scoil Naomh Lorcáin it is our aim to:

(a) Enrich every child culturally, develop within each child a fund of human knowledge and a strong moral character.

(b) Help each child to discover his/her talents, realise his/her capabilities to the optimum and develop within each child a desire to use these talents to the fullest extent possible.

(c) Foster an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards school & learning generally.  The example set by the teaching staff will be crucial in promoting this attitude among the children.

(d) Foster in each child a sense of national identity and an awareness and regard that as a nation we have a unique language culture.

(e) To develop in each child a sense of self esteem. To this end creative thinking and self-confidence will be encouraged.

(f) Develop positive social habits in each child so he/she will be capable of integrating with their peers, their community and society as a whole.

(g) Foster potential leadership qualities among the children.

(h) Eliminate in as far as possible sexism and stereotyping.

In conclusion the school wishes to help each student to live a full life as a child, to develop a rounded character and personality, to be happy and enthusiastic as we share with them the joys of discovering & learning.