4th, 5th, 6th Class School Tour 2018

The children had great fun on their school tour in Kilkenny today. We began the day by visiting the Kilkenny Union Workhouse, now beautifully restored as MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre. Having studied ‘The Great Irish Famine’ in history lessons and read the famine novel ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’, the boys and girls showed great interest in the ‘Famine Experience’ audio-visual tour. We heard the poignant human stories recorded in local newspaper articles from the perspective of the Workhouse inmates and staff. We also learned about the ground-breaking research carried out as the result of the unexpected discovery of over 970 human remains in 2005, We visited the final resting place of these victims and paid respect to their memory at the Famine Memorial Garden and saw the beautiful bronze sculpture commissioned in 2017 to honour their memory.

K Bowl was our next destination and everyone had great craic on their bowling teams – Jenna, Sommer and James were especially impressive with their strikes and spares! Afterwards, we headed onto the grounds of Kilkenny Castle park. We split up into three teams and headed off on our 1.8 km orienteering walk/run. It definitely worked out to be a longer distance, as we all seemed to be going forward and backwards at times looking for the control posts! Some were very well hidden and any that mentioned a big tree proved even more difficult, as there were big trees everywhere! The children were very eager and competitive running around. Afterwards, we had some chill-out time in the Castle playground, then back onto the bus and home we went, singing songs all the way!

A fantastic day spent together in Kilkenny.















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