Junior and Senior Infant Tour 2018

The Junior and Senior Infants travelled to ‘Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park’ on Tuesday 12th June for their school tour.

The children had the opportunity to play in the ‘Funky Forest’ indoor play area. They also enjoyed playing in the outdoor playground. The spent time trying out the ‘amazing zipline’, the merry-go round and boarding the pirate ship!

The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting the animals on the pet farm. Horses, alpacas and rabbits to name but a few! Many took a shine to ‘Thumper’ the rabbit who enjoyed the attention of the children.

There was many enjoyable moments on the day, but the main highlight was the train ride through the bog. They children sat back and relaxed and enjoyed their surroundings on the train.

To finish off the day, the children visited the fairy village and some reported that they saw the fairy teacher peer out of the school door! I even think I may have caught a glimpse of it myself! We made a wish at the fairy tree and then it was time for the bus back home!

Thank you Lullymore for an enjoyable day!

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