Senior School Tour 2017

Today our Senior classes enjoyed their school tour.

Our first stop was St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. Here Andrew, Niamh, Ciara and Riley treated us to a tour of this 800-year-old building, built in Norman times. Over 600 people are buried within the walls. 6th class heard how King William III had visited after winning the Battle of the Boyne. They also saw a grave from one of the soldiers who fought in the Siege of Limerick, hanging over it was the cannon ball that killed him!

In groups the children designed and made stained-glass windows. We were allowed to bring them home and we hope to put them on display in the school soon.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral offered us this tour and workshop free of charge as part of their school’s outreach programme. They also grant funded €300 towards the cost of our tour bus for the day, an extremely generous offer which we are very grateful for!

Next, we had a short bus trip to the Astro Park in Coolock. Just in time for our big-lunch break!

Here we were divided into two groups. Andrew and Stewie took a group each for a range of exhilarating activities.

In the first section, we had a variety of bouncy castles. Here Andrew organised relay races for the children through the obstacle course, indoor bouncy castle soccer matches and three different types of target practise: basketball, rugby and soccer.

The second section was the warzone. Here each child was equipped with safety goggles, a nerf gun and plenty of ammo. There were several team games including Capture the Flag, Zombies and Soldiers and Bang, You’re Out!

The most popular part of the day was the bubble soccer game. Not only was it fun to play, it was also fun to watch as the children had plenty of opportunities to bounce around, flip over and knock each other down as they competed to get the ball in their goal!

Before we left we had one final section to try out. It sounded simple enough, a penalty shoot-out. However, try hitting the ball (never mind hitting the target!) with your very own pair of hallucination goggles!

There was just time left then to jump on the bus for the very long journey back to the school (not helped by Dublin traffic!). Luckily the children were happily tired and many of them enjoyed a nice snooze on the bus on the way home.

What a great day!

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