Archaeologist – Donna Gilligan working with the children.

We were delighted to have Donna Gilligan, an archaeologist who works with the Heritage Council, working with the children in our school today.


Donna spoke to them about how archaeology works, answering many questions.

She had brought with her a variety of artefacts, including flint axe-heads, arrow tips, a comb made from a cow horn, dice, an animal skin purse, animal bones and antlers along with many of the tools that an archaeologist works with.

The children got to examine each of these in detail.


Then Donna gave them the chance to work as an archaeologist in teams. The children were given sand trays and tools to sift through to see what they could uncover. Each item they found had to be recorded on a grid. The children then had to decide what it was they had found and what it might have been used for.


   Thank you Donna for a very educational day!


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