Marine Biologist Lucy visits the school

Lucy’s visit by McKenzie Roycroft.

A woman called Lucy Hunt came to visit our school today. Lucy is a marine biologist, a woman who explores and studies the sea. Lucy told us how amazing the sea is.

Lucy showed us lots of things including a bone from the rib cage of a whale and told us a story about how she came face to face with a great white shark and how her brother saved her life.

We learnt about all the different dolphins, whales and sharks. Then Lucy let us touch some really, cool things like a dolphin’s skull and crabs, sea urchins and a bone that was two metres long. Then we went outside to draw a killer whale. So, we went outside into the yard and we measured how long it was and then we used chalk to draw the killer whale. I drew half of the killer whale and one or two minutes after that it was break time so we went off and played.

My favourite part of today was getting to hold the rib-cage bone.

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  1. Lucy Hunt says:

    Great images Sandra thanks for sharing! Hope all is well in lovely Levitstown:)

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