Teddy Bear Picnic

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The boys and girls in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class had some special visitors to their classroom recently – their teddy bears! The children wrote invitations to their teddy bears and brought these home and we were all delighted to see that everyone’s teddy bears could come on our picnic – even Teacher’s teddy bear came to visit our school, all the way from Laois!

The teddy bears all cuddled together on the cushions at the class library waiting patiently until it was time to set off on the class teddy bear picnic. We walked down to the green grass area at the terraced houses and set out the picnic blankets. The children enjoyed eating their lunches and chatting, whilst the teddy bears loved being out in the warm sunshine. The children had some little treats from Teacher – biscuits and jelly sweets – yummy!

Once we tidied up our lunch boxes and packed away the picnic blankets, we walked with our teddy bears down to the local bridge to show them the river Greese. Some teddy bears were eager to go for a swim, but luckily they stayed dry and all returned back to school with the boys and girls.

Great fun had by all on our teddy bear picnic!

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