Sports Day 2016

This year due to the weather Sports Day was held over two days at the school.

We started on Friday at Graiguecullen Swimming Pool where the children had swimming races. They have had ten weeks of lessons with excellent instructors Ali, Colm, Bernie and Julie. Lots of parents and siblings were on hand to cheer the swimmers on.

When we returned to the school it had rained heavily and as the grass was too slippy to run on and as the weather forecast was for heavy rain, we postponed the rest of Sports Day until Monday.

Thankfully the sun shone today for the second half of our events. Ms Purcell took each class for a special PE session this morning. Then after 11.30 the races began in earnest at four stations around the school. With a wide range of events including teddy bear races,  wheelbarrow races, parachute games and javelin throwing everybody got to try it all.

Our Parent’s Association were very good to the children, not only did they provide fabulous fruit platters on Friday – as you can see in the photos, but they also had three more fruit platters for the children today. Thanks Debbie for bringing them in.  They were absolutely devoured! The Harmons kindly donated a bottle of orange juice and an apple for each child too. Every child had plenty of fresh air, exercise and some yummy nutritious food!

Following our lunch break and a nice rest indoors we all gathered outside for a full afternoon of activities.

Firstly we had a skipathon for each class. Then some brave parents and teachers took on 6th class in a basketball match. It was tightly fought, but with 5th class on their side the parents took a clean victory! 1st-4th class took on Barry Ivory Whyte, Laurence Nolan, Ms Corrigan and Mr Kane in a game of bull rush using our new tag belts. They were very fast! Michelle brought up some ice pops for all of the children and adults. They were greatly appreciated after all the running around. Thanks to Lisa for the lovely lime juice too, it went down a treat at the drinks station.

We finished up the day with  a game of crab soccer between 5th and 6th class, while the younger children took turns to see who could sneak up and catch the keys from under the nose of another child.

There was just time left for a quick clean up before home time. Thanks to everyone for all your help in making our two-day sports day a very enjoyable event for all of the children involved!

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