2nd-4th class tour report.

On Thursday we went on one of the best tours ever. We left school on a bus at twenty past nine. It was a very long journey to Dublin. We passed the time reading, talking and playing ‘I Spy’. The people at the back of the bus passed the time singing.

We arrived an hour early in Dublin so we went to Collins’ Barracks to pass the time. While we were there we went to see a boat called the Asgard. The Asgard was used to smuggle weapons to Ireland for the Irish Volunteers.

Afterwards we went to the GPO and went on a tour about the 1916 Rising. We got cool headsets to wear so that everybody could hear the tour guide. We learnt that there was a brilliant sniper on the rebels’ side called Margaret Skinnider. She saw British soldiers fall to her shots more than once. At the start of the Rising a British soldier was in a telephone box in the GPO calling his girlfriend. Michael Collins saw him and thought he was ringing for help so he tied up the soldier in the telephone wire and left him there for the week. One of the saddest things about 1916 is that over 40 children were killed.

Next we got back on the bus for half an hour and drove to the National Aquatic Centre. When we got there, everybody was so excited they started screaming. There were three slides in the pool – the dark Hole, the Green Giant and the Master Blaster. The Dark Hole was the fastest and you couldn’t see anything in it. The first time you went down it was scary but it wasn’t so bad after that. There were also a lazy river, a wave machine called ‘The Flow Rider’ and a Jacuzzi at the Centre.

The time flew and before we knew it, it was time to go home. Everybody was really tired so the journey home was much quieter. Some people were so tired they even had a little snooze.

Written by 2nd-4th class.

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