In memory of our friend, Dakota.

Children, staff, family and friends of Dakota gathered at our school on Friday last for a special ceremony in memory of our friend.

Dakota passed away from ALL Leukaemia in September 2015. She was a pupil in 3rd class and Friday would have been her 10th birthday.

Dakota was a great friend to all at the school, to remember her the children and staff decided to create a special garden and a friendship bench. A friendship bench is a special place that you can go to if you are lonely or need a friend, others will see you and invite you to play or sit and talk to you.

On Friday, we gathered at the garden, took some time to remember our friend and listened to a short poem. We had taken the time to write some messages to Dakota. As we released some balloons, we thought of our messages going to her. While watching the balloons float away we listened to One Direction’s song, “That’s what makes you beautiful.”

We were very kindly invited to Dakota’s family home after school where Chinese Lanterns were released in her honour.




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